Saturday, December 3, 2022

    Ukraine: Ukrainian forces retake the city of Kherson, after months of Russian occupation

    The city of Kherson is once again in Ukrainian hands. The soldiers entered the town on Friday, November 11. They were welcomed as real heroes by the population. Friday, November 11, a military woman is...

    Tornadoes in the North: the breathtaking images of two villages almost destroyed

    After the passage of the tornadoes, Sunday, October 23, in the North, many homes in Bihucourt, in the Pas-de-Calais, and Conty, in the Somme, are in the open. Stunning images of the disaster. A village...

    Summit of the Francophonie: is French really in decline?

    If Emmanuel Macron has warned of a potential decline of the Francophonie around the world, French remains the fifth most spoken language with 321 million French speakers on the five continents. As Djerba (Tunisia) hosts...

    That’s why your shirts always have these little holes at the bottom

    What causes those little holes in clothes? I'm sure you know that feeling: you take a t-shirt out of the closet and realize that it has a few tiny holes in it. Now one might...

    American politics: dreaded midterm elections in the United States

    On Thursday November 3, US President Joe Biden warned of a possible knockout in the United States after the midterm elections which will take place on Tuesday November 8. The midterm elections which will take...
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