Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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    Immigration law: associations are concerned about a “continuous deterioration of the rights of migrants”

    This bill “crops a little more on the right to asylum, the right to a normal family life, the rights of the child and the right to a fair trial”, according to the president of Amnesty International France.

    Migrants on the deck of the humanitarian ship Ocean Viking in the Gulf of Catania, in the Mediterranean, on November 6, 2022. (AFP)

    About fifteen associations denounced, Monday, December 5, the government bill on immigration, “continuous deterioration of the rights of migrants”, on the eve of its presentation to the National Assembly on the occasion of a debate without a vote.

    Justice: the trial of the Brussels attacks has opened

    Monday, December 5, the trial of the Brussels attacks opened in Belgium. They had been perpetrated by the same terrorist cell as that of the Paris attacks.

    The trial of the terrorist attacks of March 22, 2016 began in Brussels (Belgium), Monday, December 5.

    2022 World Cup: the Netherlands, an outsider who takes themselves seriously

    Qualified for the quarter-finals after their success against the United States on Saturday (3-1), the Netherlands are gradually asserting themselves as a coherent selection, whose ambition is to seek their first world title.

    Daley Blind, Cody Gakpo and Memphis Depay celebrate the qualification of the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, December 3, 2022. (AFP)

    The revving up is smooth, but the Netherlands are not lacking in ambition. Louis van Gaal’s team qualified for the quarter-finals of the World Cup on

    World Cup 2022: and Lionel Messi finally scored his first goal in the final phase of a World Cup

    By opening the scoring in Argentina’s victory over Australia on Saturday in the round of 16, the PSG striker finally opened his goal counter in a World Cup playoff match

    Lionel Messi all to his joy with Argentina, during the round of 16 of the Argentina-Australia World Cup, December 3, 2022. (AP).

    One again. Number 789 exactly. But this one has a special flavor.

    Brazil: torrential rains leave two more dead and thousands displaced

    The torrential rains that have been falling on several regions of Brazil for days have caused floods and landslides.

    A road affected by a landslide in the state of Santa Catarina in Brazil, on November 30, 2022, after torrential rains. (AFP)

    Research continues. The torrential rains that have affected several regions of Brazil for several days have left two new dead and more than 4,000 people displaced, the authorities announced on Thursday, December 1.

    India: girls and boys now wear the same uniform in some schools

    In India, a big step for parity has been taken. Schoolgirls now have the right to wear the same outfit as schoolboys in a dozen establishments in the south of the country.

    In India, if gender equality is not respected, a big step has been taken in a dozen schools in the south of the country. Indeed, girls and boys now wear the same outfit.

    India: Coconut supports four million people in the country

    India is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts. Its oil is popular all over the world. The fruit supports four million people in the country.

    Coconuts grow in the lands of southern India.

    Italy: Puglia region sets out to conquer aloe vera

    In southern Italy, aloe vera is grown, a drought-resistant plant containing a gel widely used in cosmetics. Cultivation, easy and profitable, has created many jobs in the Puglia region.

    Aloe vera could well be the future of Puglia (Italy).

    “Zero Covid” policy in China: the regime sends signs of relaxation

    A week after historic protests in China against the regime’s “zero Covid” policy, several signs of easing of restrictions are visible in the country.

    Barricades dismantled, shopping centers and restaurants reopening, and no one in front of screening centers.

    War in Ukraine: learning to live without electricity on a daily basis

    With temperatures below 0°C, millions of people live without electricity in Ukraine. Most of the inhabitants, however, continue to live in the dark.

    A sales consultant with a flashlight. In this Ukrainian store, which has no electricity, we make do with the means at hand.

    Climate Change: Vanishing Louisiana Bayous

    In the US state of Louisiana, bayou swamps are plagued by rising waters. Villages have already been destroyed and 350,000 people will become climate...