Monday, April 22, 2024
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    Thousands Protest Again Against Foreign Agents Law

    In Georgia, pro-European protests have erupted once again. Confrontations between demonstrators and the police occurred outside the parliament.

    Two New Marine Protected Areas in Greek Waters

    Greece has announced plans to establish two new marine protected areas in a bid to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystems. Environmental organizations are unimpressed by the proposals, and tensions have also arisen with Turkey.

    FBI Investigates After Bridge Collapse in Baltimore

    Following the collapse of a highway bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly initiated investigations. Six construction workers lost their lives in the accident involving a cargo ship.

    The Elephant Issue – and Europe

    Due to the high number of elephants, Botswana has once again allowed hunting of the animals. However, there are now discussions in Europe to impose restrictions on the import of trophies. Botswana views this as neocolonial patronization.

    Aung San Suu Kyi Moved from Prison to House Arrest

    Peace Nobel laureate Suu Kyi has been transferred from prison to house arrest in Myanmar. The military junta stated that she and other inmates were at risk of heatstroke in the detention facility.

    EU to Clamp Down on Violations of Russia Sanctions

    Unprecedented EU sanctions aim to restrict Russia’s ability to wage war against Ukraine. However, they are not always as effective as they could be. This is what Brussels aims to change.

    One Person Dead in Cable Car Accident in Antalya

    One person has died, and several others were injured in a cable car accident in the southern Turkish tourist hotspot of Antalya. The cable car was reportedly particularly crowded due to the Sugar Feast celebration.

    Biden Anticipates Imminent Attack by Iran

    US President Joe Biden expects that Iran will attack Israel “sooner rather than later.” At the same time, he warned the regime in Tehran clearly of retaliatory action. The German Foreign Office has urged Germans to leave Iran.

    Ex-President Zuma Making a Comeback?

    Zuma’s record as state president was devastating. However, for many South Africans, this no longer matters. Their dissatisfaction could help him make a comeback. For the African National Congress (ANC), hardly a day goes by without bad news.

    South Korea’s Opposition Wins Parliamentary Election

    In the parliamentary election in South Korea, the opposition has secured a comfortable majority. Prime Minister Han of the ruling conservatives reportedly offered his resignation after the defeat.

    Expensive Cocoa – Rich Farmers

    This article delves into the struggles faced by cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast as the global cocoa prices surge, impacting local farmers disproportionately.

    Region Essequibo Set to Belong to Venezuela

    The Region of Essequibo currently belongs to Guyana. However, since oil reserves were discovered there, Venezuela has laid claim to it. Now, dictator Maduro has passed a law that aims to make the area a Venezuelan federal state.

    Border Security Takes Priority Over International Courts for Sunak

    Britain has long been planning to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda. This is mainly intended as a deterrent. Is the country considering withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights? Prime Minister Sunak fueled speculations.

    Pro-Kurdish Politician Becomes Mayor After Successful Protest

    In the Turkish local elections, a pro-Kurdish mayoral candidate received the most votes. However, the election in the province of Van was annulled. The subsequent protests have now succeeded.

    Raid on Peruvian President Boluarte

    According to consistent media reports, officials have searched the residence of Peruvian President Boluarte. She is suspected of unlawfully enriching herself with luxury watches. The politician claims she is a victim of “systematic harassment.”

    No Prospect of Exchange

    US reporter Evan Gershkovich cannot hope to be released soon even after a year in Russian custody. His family strives to maintain optimism, while colleagues urge the government to do more.

    Oscar Winner Louis Gossett Passes Away

    He was the first Black man to be honored with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Louis Gossett Jr. has passed away at the age of 87. The actor and activist was known for his anti-racism advocacy, even within Hollywood.

    Ship Crew Likely Prevented Major Disaster

    Following the collapse of a bridge in the US city of Baltimore, it is becoming increasingly clear that the crew of the disabled ship likely saved many lives. Meanwhile, the government in Washington approved $60 million in immediate aid.

    Has the Election Already Been Decided?

    Under chaotic and controversial circumstances, Venezuela’s government has scheduled the presidential election for July. President Maduro is running again – already ensuring that the opposition likely has no chance.

    45 Dead in Bus Accident in South Africa

    At least 45 people have lost their lives in a serious bus accident in South Africa. The bus went off a bridge on a mountain pass and plunged into a gorge. Only an eight-year-old child survived the tragedy.

    Global warming: IPCC scientists sound the alarm again

    (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); We are seeing an acceleration of climate change. The IPCC explains that it is indeed...