Sunday, February 5, 2023
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    United States: the suspect of the shooting in California, which killed 10 people, found dead in his van

    A man opened fire at a dance hall in Monterey Park on Lunar New Year’s Day for an unknown motive He then fled.

    The white van of the man suspected of having opened fire and killed 10 people in Monterey Park (California), on January 21, 2023, found in Torrance (California), the day after the shooting. (AFP)

    The hunt ended about 45 kilometers from Monterey Park, California (USA), where the shooting took place.

    Ukraine’s war: Germany declares that it is no longer reliant on Russian gas and oil

    Prior to the outbreak of the conflict, Germany imported roughly half of its gas and more than a third of its oil from Russia.

    Germany has successfully isolated itself from Russian hydrocarbons.
    Christian Lindner, Germany’s Finance Minister, told the BBC on Thursday, January 19, that his country no longer imports Russian gas and oil.

    Microsoft: the American company will lay off around 10,000 employees

    Microsoft plans to lay off approximately 10,000 employees by the end of March. The company’s CEO defends himself by citing the current economic situation.

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the news in a letter to his employees that was made public. He cites the economic situation and a shift in consumer priorities as justifications for

    The ocean road in Australia is a mythical way to discover the wild nature

    On Tuesday, January 17, the 13 Hours set sail for Australia to explore the ocean route. It runs through several must-see locations in the country, making for an unforgettable journey.

    The 243-kilometer-long Great Ocean Road in Australia borders the South Pacific. Cold winds from Antarctica shaped this coast of cliffs and rocky peaks. The adventure begins in

    The number of Rohingya drowning at sea is ‘alarmingly increasing,’ according to the UN.

    More than 3,500 Rohingya attempted to flee Burma in 2022, where the ruling junta persecutes this Muslim minority.

    On December 31, 2021, the Indonesian Navy rescued Rohingya refugees in Bireuen waters. (AFP)

    The UN condemned the “alarming” increase in the number of Rohingya refugees lost at sea after fleeing Burma or Bangladesh

    The contentious balance sheet of the “household basket” set up in Greek supermarkets is known as the “anti-inflation basket.”

    The goal of merchants with this initiative, which was started approximately two months ago, is to cut the cost of essentials. Savings are welcomed by the administration, while fake promotions are criticized by the opposition.

    Circa an Athens, Greece, supermarket in 2004. AFP/FAEZ NURELDINE

    The French government is collaborating with major retailers to develop a “anti-inflation basket” of about twenty consumer goods that shops would commit to selling at the lowest feasible price. Pasta, grains, eggs, and fresh goods like butter are a few among them.

    War in Ukraine: Man walks into Norway from Russia and claims to be a veteran of the Wagner militia

    Norwegian police confirm that a foreign national was arrested by a border patrol on Friday night. After expressing a wish to apply for asylum, he was transferred to Oslo.

    Illustrative image of the border between Norway and Russia, in November 2017. (AFP)

    This is the story of an escape on foot in the snow, on the border between Russia and Norway. A man says he managed to cross the barbed wire fence separating the two

    The trial in absentia of the opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaia will open in Belarus

    The totalitarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko, an ally of Moscow, is stepping up the repression against opponents with the opening of this emblematic trial.

    Svetlana Tikhanovskaia on a visit to France, gives a press conference at the Maison des Journalistes in Paris, September 15, 2021. (MAXPPP)

    Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa, 40, in exile in Lithuania, has become the flag bearer of the opposition.

    UK: London police officer acknowledges 24 rapes and multiple assaults

    David Carrick, 48, was part of the capital’s police unit responsible for protecting Parliament and diplomatic representations.

    A police vehicle, in London, the British capital, in June 2020. (AFP)

    The prosecution speaks of “one of the most shocking cases involving a police officer on duty”. A London police officer has confessed to committing 24 rapes and numerous sexual

    Plane with 72 people on board crashes in Nepal

    “We don’t currently know if there are any survivors,” a Yeti Airlines spokesperson said.

    A control tower at the airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, on April 10, 2015. (NURPHOTO)

    A plane with 72 people on board crashed in Nepal on Sunday January 15. The announcement was made by a local official and a spokesperson for Yeti Airlines.

    United Kingdom: two years later, is Brexit responsible for the social...

    UK inflation hovered around 11% in October, prompting workers to demonstrate to demand a pay rise.A demonstration by health professionals in London (United Kingdom),...