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    Resignation of Liz Truss: who are the possible candidates for the post of British Prime Minister?

    In the United Kingdom, the future head of government will be appointed by October 28, following an internal Conservative Party election.

    Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, at the time respectively British Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, at NATO headquarters in Brussels, March 24, 2022. (EVAN VUCCI / AFP)

    The war of succession is open. After the resignation of the British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, Thursday, October 20, an internal ballot in the conservative party, which must be completed by Friday, October 28, must make it possible to designate the future head of government across the Channel. Here are the possible candidates for the succession of the ephemeral conservative leader.

    Energy crisis: Germany extends the operation of its last three nuclear power plants until April 2023

    Nuclear power currently produces 6% of net electricity production in Germany.

    The Emsland nuclear power plant in northern Germany on January 12, 2022. (INA FASSBENDER / AFP)

    The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, announced Monday, October 17 to extend the operation of the last three German nuclear power plants, in a context of unprecedented energy crisis.

    War in Ukraine: what to remember from Monday, October 17

    Ukraine has notably called for sanctions from the European Union, after several suicide drone strikes on kyiv on Monday.

    A building is on fire after a Russian military plane crashed on October 17, 2022, in Yeisk (Russia), not far from the border with Ukraine. (HANDOUT/TELEGRAM/PROC_23/AFP)

    Austrians are electing a president

    Austria holds a presidential election on Sunday that is expected to be won by incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen, seen as a beacon of stability as the Alpine country struggles with an energy crisis and high inflation

    Hong Kong for 60 million Pink diamond sold

    A rare pink diamond was sold in Hong Kong for almost 58 million. USD (€60 million), the highest price per carat ever paid at auction for any diamond or gemstone, Sotheby’s said.

    The 11.15-carat Williamson Pink Star fetched $453.2 million on Friday, according to the auction company. HK is the second highest price ever paid for a gem at auction.

    Ukraine, which abstained during the vote on China

    Ukraine announced on Friday that it had changed its mind following a landmark vote the day before, when the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva voted against holding a debate on alleged abuses in China’s Xinjiang region.

    Russian court ordered the confiscation of Memorial’s headquarters in Moscow

    Moscow court on Friday ordered the confiscation of the Moscow headquarters of the Russian rights group Memorial, which was ordered to close last year, Russian news agencies reported.

    The EU agreed on a price ceiling for Russian oil

    The ambassadors of the countries of the European Union (EU) agreed on the new eighth package of sanctions against Russia, which includes a price ceiling for Russian oil.

    Couple makes shocking discovery at vacation home. Luckily, they noticed right away!


    You really don’t want to find something like that in the holiday apartment

    It sounds like a nightmare: you’re having fun on vacation and then you come across nothing but a hidden camera in the rented apartment! That’s exactly what happened to Scottish Dougie Hamilton and his girlfriend. They had rented a vacation rental in Toronto, Canada via Airbnb and everything seemed fine. But then a strange wire aroused Dougie’s suspicions. Shortly thereafter, he made the shocking discovery.

    Luckily they noticed it right away.

    Alarm clock
    But what made him suspect such a thing? At first they thought it was odd that the alarm clock was on the coffee table in the living room. They were just relaxing on the couch after exploring the city all day. That’s when Dougie noticed the alarm clock and got a weird feeling, he tells the Daily Record.

    Next, he noticed what looked like a cell phone charger cable that went into the alarm clock. He found that really suspicious because he knew alarm clocks didn’t use cables like that. Exactly a week before his trip, Dougie had seen a video about hidden spy cameras on Facebook, and somehow it came back to him. At first, Dougie dismissed his concerns, thinking it was just being paranoid. Nevertheless, something forced him to open the alarm clock.

    When Dougie pushed the alarm clock screen aside, he saw it immediately: a small camera lens was staring back at him. The worst part was that the alarm clock was aimed squarely at the bed. Someone had hoped for very personal recordings. Dougie immediately called the police.

    The couple naturally filed a complaint with Airbnb, who took the incident very seriously. Their expenses were fully reimbursed and they were provided with a luxury hotel free of charge. The owner of the apartment also offers other accommodations that have now lost all reservations. In fact, the owner had over 100 reviews on his Airbnb profile. None of them could have known that they were being filmed by a hidden camera.


    Dougie now wants to warn others about hidden cameras. Despite the incident, he says he will continue to use Airbnb. But he has learned that you always have to check the apartment first. At the bottom of Dougie’s post are the image

    Ugh, the drain stinks! With this simple trick you can remove the smell from your drain and pipes immediately!

    This trick will instantly remove the nasty smell from your drain!

    Yes, unfortunately almost everyone knows this: musty air rises towards you when you wash dishes or brush your teeth when you approach the drain. This is mainly due to food leftovers or rotting hair and bundles of dust that have gotten caught in the pipes. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it any longer, because we have the solution!
    We have a great trick for this known problem.

    One of the most common irritations in the home: the unpleasant smell from the drain. This occurs either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Mold mainly develops in damp and warm environments. The damp weather outside favors the formation of mold in old buildings. This layer of dirt contains a large number of bacteria that trigger a fermentation and putrefaction process. The resulting gases then trigger the unpleasant odor that comes from the drain.


    Air freshener

    Have you always used air fresheners until now? Of course, that helps a lot in the short term. The unpleasant odor is drowned out with a specific fragrance note; it smells pleasantly fresh. Unfortunately, this is not a long-term solution. The wallet isn’t happy either: after all, you have to keep buying new air fresheners. What’s more, these products are usually pumped full of chemicals. You breathe it all in! Definitely not good for your health. If you not only want to eliminate the ‘symptom’ of the unpleasant smell, but also the cause, then you should read on on the next page.

    Home remedies

    All you need are three simple products. Completely natural and effective without chemicals. So your drain will soon no longer smell and you have done something about it in the long term. But first try to remove the larger dirt particles from the drain by unscrewing the pipe elbow from the siphon. You should also get strainers that catch dirt and hair before it runs down the drain. This also prevents further foul-smelling layers of dirt.

    For this trick you need:

    100 grams baking soda (this is no ordinary no baking powder!)
    1 cup white wine vinegar
    half a liter of hot water

    That’s how it works:

    Bring the water to a boil, then immediately add the white wine vinegar and stir well.
    Then sprinkle the baking soda in the drain you want to clean and then pour the white wine vinegar and water mixture afterwards. It will bubble and crackle a little. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal and should be the way it is.
    Now cover the drain and wait about an hour. Then rinse everything well with warm water. And the smell is gone for a long time! Now you can breathe again.

    Dougie now wants to warn others about hidden cameras. Despite the incident, he says he will continue to use Airbnb. But he has learned that you always have to check the apartment first. At the bottom of Dougie’s post are the images from the camera they discovered.

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