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    So that’s what the balls on the high-tension wires mean

    Bigger than you think!

    If you drive past power lines or just look at them from the ground, these balls don’t look very big and you might think they’re about the size of a basketball. But nothing is further from the truth! These balls are actually a lot bigger than they appear. We only think they are so small because the distance between the ground and the cable is quite large. The larger variants have a diameter of about 91 centimeters.

    Good system

    Installing the balls is not an easy task, as it requires precise coordination of which balls are to be placed where. Many professionals are involved in this, some working on the ground and at great heights to mount the spheres on the power grid.


    We’ll give you a tip: everything has to do with the current that flows through these cables. Did you know that electricity has only been able to be transported over such great distances since 1882? Engineers Oskar von Miller and Marcel Deprez succeeded in doing that. They used sea cables that were actually intended for sending telegrams and could thus transport 2.5 kilowatts over 60 kilometers. Smart right? Today, of course, distance no longer matters: our technology has now advanced so far that we can lay cables across national borders and on the seabed.

    Before Miller and Deprez’s invention, electricity could only be transported locally. But as the demand for electricity increased, the power plants got bigger and bigger until they finally no longer fit into the cities they were supplying.

    Cable in the air

    The high-voltage cable was invented to ensure that everyone could be supplied with electricity. However, the cables that you see hanging in the air are not insulated. Why should they if nobody touches them?

    Accidents happen easily

    Of course, with so many bare wires, things can go wrong, but that only happens when the wires touch each other or hit the ground. You’ve probably seen a photo or video of this happening before.

    However, this is also a problem for birds, who like to rest on the cables from time to time.


    In order for real fireworks to occur with a high-voltage cable, however, quite a few things have to go wrong. As long as the current stays in the cables and does not come into contact with the ground or other cables in any other way, there is nothing to worry about.

    And that’s why birds can safely take a nap on the life-threatening cables – after all, they have no contact with the ground. However, the consequences could be dire for the birds if they accidentally flick their tails over a second cable or if the bird on the cable makes contact with the structure embedded in the ground at the same time.

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    Family dog throws baby across the yard and the reason may surprise you

    Apparently, dogs turn out to be true superheroes

    Most dogs are friendly by nature and would not readily harm a child. That’s what Catherine Svilicic from Australia thought when she adopted a neglected Doberman. Still, she was shocked when the Doberman threw her 17-month-old across the yard a few days later.

    Relaxing in the garden

    It’s October and Catherine is enjoying a warm day in her garden. Her little daughter Charlotte enjoys playing while next to her is Khan, the newest member of the family. Khan is the neglected Doberman who Catherine adopted four days earlier.

    Unfortunately, before Catherine adopted Khan, he didn’t have a nice life. The dog was mistreated by its previous owner and was given little food. At first, Catherine was concerned about the character of the dog and was afraid that he would not be kind. But she still gave the dog a leap of faith and after a few days was convinced that Khan would be a lovely dog. He would sometimes sniff Charlotte, responded well to other dogs, and was always quiet at home.

    But after four days something happened that terribly shocked Catherine.

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    Annoying weeds between the tiles? For this reason, you’d better not remove it

    Weed also has its advantages

    It can be quite a thorn in your side, all those weeds sprouting up between the tiles or on the patio. But even if you’re on your knees all day trying to remove the weeds, they always seem to grow in the same spot. There is actually no need to get rid of the weeds, because in fact it can be very useful!

    We all assume that weeds are bad. Of course, it detracts from the beauty of the garden, but no one really wants to go through the trouble of getting rid of it. Is weeding a chore for you, too, that you are confronted with again and again? Then we have good news for you: there are many advantages to letting the weeds run wild!

    water drainage

    Say goodbye to endless hours of weeding! The weeds can be allowed to grow a little without resorting to any chemical solutions to stop them from growing back. This may make for a desolate picture, but the weeds promote water drainage. Often the water cannot drain properly through the garden tiles and you have probably noticed that your garden is flooded after every heavy rain. However, the weeds between the tiles suck up much of the rainwater with their roots, which allows more air to get into the soil and the water to drain better.

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    What helps against ticks? These 3 things help with a tick (dog, cat and human)

    What helps against ticks? What to do if the head is still stuck?

    Almost every third person in Germany is wondering: what helps against ticks! This is a very important question, because ticks should not be underestimated. It is a blood-sucking type of mite that can transmit serious diseases (such as Lyme disease). You should know these 3 things!

    This reduces the risk of you and your dog being bitten by a tick.

    What are ticks? Facts you should know first

    Before we go into more detail about the question ‘what helps against ticks’, we would like to briefly explain what ticks actually are. As already mentioned, these are blood-sucking mites. There are around 900 species of ticks in total. Around 20 are known in Germany. The common wood tick tick is the most common species. Ticks have a powerful mouthpart with which they are able to scratch the skin of humans or animals and then poke through the wound with their proboscis. The blood that escapes is sucked up by the tick.

    A suction process takes about 30 – 60 minutes. However, there are also ticks where it can even take several weeks! The body grows twentyfold due to the blood absorbed inside, now reaching a size of up to 3 centimeters. Blood clotting is prevented by the saliva secreted by the tick. Females are much larger than males!

    lurkers and hunters
    There are ticks that lurk on blades of grass or bushes and as soon as they are touched while passing by, they hold on. The hunters are even actively hunting, moving forward at a speed of 6-8 meters per hour.

    And how can humans and their pets protect themselves?

    That helps against ticks: 3 things for dogs, cats and humans

    It’s not just dog owners who often walk through the woods outside who worry about ticks: what helps against ticks on dogs? Cat owners would also like answers and are looking for a remedy against ticks in cats. And people should also protect themselves sufficiently to avoid transmission of diseases such as Lyme disease.

    1. Natural protection against ticks
    Animals deal with tick bites much more often than we humans. We often notice this when cuddling with our four-legged friends. Suddenly we feel a lump or something like a ball. Every pet owner should have tick tweezers in the house. What basically seems to work:

    Coconut oil.

    Oil against ticks seems to work. Studies have shown that coconut oil can keep up to 80 percent of ticks at bay. The FU Berlin also found evidence of this. The lauric acid content in coconut oil is responsible for this. Important in the application is that the animal should be rubbed every day with a small amount on the legs and stomach. However, this could be difficult with long-haired animals.

    Precautionary measure: palpation of the fur. Sounds simple, but most pet owners don’t do it! After each walk, the animal’s fur should be thoroughly examined. Actually a matter of course.

    High-quality essential oils: it is important that the therapeutic grade of the oil is stated. Not just any oil will work! A good oil costs about 20-30 euros per bottle. Particularly suitable: Oregano or OnGuard. Important: before applying, be sure to test whether your pet tolerates the oil. Since good essential oil is very intense, only a few drops are needed.

    2. This is what you should do if the tick hasn’t been completely removed – help, the head is still stuck!

    What helps against ticks if they have bitten you? Tick ​​tweezers or tick tweezers. Even if you try hard, it can happen that something gets stuck in the wound. But did you know, it’s not actually the tick head; Ticks don’t have heads. It’s parts of the mouthparts that get stuck. Poking around in the wound with tweezers usually does not do much good, this only increases the risk of infection. Although it is always emphasized that everything of the tick should be removed in any case, it is not a catastrophe if this does not work out. Nevertheless, it is true that the risk of inflammation of the wound is now higher. It is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible to get a check-up. By the way, this is advisable in one way or another if you or your animal has been bitten by a tick!

    3. Use tick tweezers correctly
    Place the forceps or tweezers directly against the skin (as close as possible) and then pull out with a slight twisting motion. The tick tweezers are shaped in such a way that the body of the tick is not squeezed.


    Why you shouldn’t discard the top leaves of a pineapple

    For this reason, you shouldn’t throw away the crown of a pineapple

    Pineapple is usually one of the first fruits that comes to mind when thinking about tropical fruits. It’s a popular snack on warm summer days, so sun and a delicious piece of sweet pineapple seems to be a welcome combination for many people.

    They are among the most popular fruits in the world and are used for both culinary and non-culinary purposes. The plant used to be found only in South America, but today it grows in various greenhouses and tropical plantations around the world. And did you know that you can make a very healthy drink from the peel?

    But not only the pulp, the juice and the skin can be used. You don’t have to throw away the crown of leaves either! We tell you what you can do with them.


    What to do with the leaves

    Okay, first thing you need to do is twist off the leaves of a fresh pineapple. You don’t need a lot of strength to do this, it’s very easy. Then peel off the bottom 3-4 rows of leaves to reveal the middle.


    Curious why you should do this?

    Why you shouldn’t discard the top leaves of a pineapple

    Now you can let the crown dry. Just leave them in the air for 2 days to allow the plant to heal and be ready for the next step. In the next step we will show you what you can do with the leaves.



    Next, take a pot of soil and plant the top part of the pineapple. It’s very simple: simply twist the crown into the ground, like a screw. Be careful though. The next step is then to water your new plant from above every 4-5 days.


    You won’t believe what becomes of this plant!

    After a short time, the leaves will begin to grow outwards. And one day you will notice that a stalk is growing out of the middle of the plant. What happens next is absolutely fascinating. If you want to know what happens without trying it yourself first, go to the next page.


    Disclaimer: That spoils the surprise! You could just try it yourself.

    A new pineapple

    A new pineapple will grow from the trunk. It starts small and gradually gets bigger. So if you want to have a cool pineapple plant at home… don’t throw away the stem! Plant it instead and grow your own new pineapple!

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