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    Italy: Council President Giorgia Meloni denies any “sympathy” or “closeness” to fascism

    During her general policy speech, the new head of the Italian government tried to reassure Brussels and Rome’s partners.Italy’s new Council President Giorgia Meloni speaks on October 25, 2022, during her maiden speech to Parliament. She is alongside Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini, before a vote of confidence at the Montecitirio palace in Rome. (ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP)

    Giorgia Meloni seeks to shed the “post-fascist” label. The new president of the Italian Council denied Tuesday, October 25, any “proximity” with fascism, during her speech on general

    Energy crisis: turn off the heat while cooking pasta to save money

    The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and its implications for the gas supply of European countries has pushed the States of the Old Continent to seek savings. In Italy, the method of cooking pasta could be a way of sobriety.

    In the context of the meteoric rise in energy prices throughout Europe, all the tips for saving are good. At the heart of discussions in Italy, the “passive” cooking of pasta.

    Italy: Giorgia Meloni shows pledges to the international community

    Giorgia Meloni, new Prime Minister, addressed Italian MPs on Tuesday 25 October during her general policy speech. A speech in which she showed pledges to the international community, as explained by journalist Raphaële Schapira, live from Rome.

    The new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, addressed MEPs during her general policy speech on Tuesday 25 October. “The far-right leader has shown pledges to the international community. First to NATO, by reaffirming her clear and total support for Ukraine. Then to Europe, with its Ministers of Economy and of Foreign Affairs who are rather pro-European”, explains journalist Raphaële Schapira, live from Rome (Italy).

    Deforestation: an aftertaste of the Amazon on our plate

    The destruction of the Amazon rainforest is accelerating: in 2022, there were more fires in Brazil in 9 months than in all of 2021. The result of Jair Bolsonaro’s policy, but also of our European meat consumption .

    A burned portion of Amazon rainforest in Apui, Brazil, September 21, 2022. (MICHAEL DANTAS / AFP)

    A quarter of the Amazon rainforest is irreversibly destroyed, according to a report presented by indigenous leaders in September 2022. And “planting trees” will not be enough to recreate the richness, complexity and biodiversity of this 55 million-year-old forest years.

    A fragile hope for peace in Ethiopia

    It is one of the deadliest conflicts on the planet: the war in northern Ethiopia in East Africa has been going on for two years. For the first time, direct negotiations are opening in South Africa, between the government and the rebels of Tigray.

    People walk past a damaged military truck in Hayk, Ethiopia, on December 13, 2021. (AMANUEL SILESHI)

    It is a note of hope in a forgotten conflict, almost neglected by the international community, especially since the start of the war in Ukraine. Negotiations, after a false start in early October, finally start on Monday, October 24, in a secret location in South Africa.

    Burkina Faso: Ibrahim Traore, young putschist at the head of the country of honest men

    The new head of the military junta has made it known that he will respect the commitments already made for a rapid return of civilians to power.

    Burkina Faso’s new junta leader Captain Ibrahim Traore attends a meeting in Ouagadougou on October 2, 2022. (AFP)

    Captain Ibrahim Traoré, author of the last coup in Burkina Faso, officially became president of Burkina Faso on Wednesday, October 5, pending the appointment of a transitional president by “National Assizes”.

    Coups in West Africa: “Terrorism has made the democratic agenda secondary”, notes researcher Francis Laloupo

    The international relations teacher analyzes recent democratic setbacks in Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. Maintenance.

    A man reads a newspaper on which appears on the front page a photo of Captain Ibrahim Traore, the leader of the military junta which rules Burkina Faso, in Ouagadougou, on October 3, 2022. (OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP)

    Francis Laloupo is the author of Democratic Blues 1990-2020, published by Karthala editions. The journalist and researcher associated with the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (Iris) analyzes, among other things, “the crisis of democratic transitions in Africa”.

    Ideal framework to fight terrorism in West Africa

    The countries of the Gulf of Guinea are active in the face of the multiplication of jihadist attacks.

    A Togolese soldier, holding a machine gun, stands watch under a tree surrounded by used tires as he monitors procedures at Yemboate, the northern Togo border post with Burkina Faso, February 17, 2020. (PIUS UTOMI EKPEI / AFP)

    Terrorist attacks are on the rise in Benin, a state that is seeking to strengthen its partnerships to deal with them.

    Kherson: Civilians leave bombarded city behind

    Under pressure from Ukrainian troops, pro-Russian leaders have just called for the emergency evacuation of the population. Is it to make way for the Russian army and new battles? kyiv denounces in any case a massive deportation of the Ukrainian population. The team of Luc Lacroix, special correspondent for France Televisions, is on site, in Kherson, exclusively.

    The operation is delicate. Lying on stretchers, these patients are transferred to a boat. It’s the only way to leave the city. Faced with the advancing Ukrainians, the Russians asked the civilians to evacuate Kherson. They leave behind them a city in the grip of bombardments.

    Ukraine: what to remember from Thursday

    EU member countries, as well as the United Kingdom, adopted sanctions on Thursday against Iran, accused of supplying drones to Russia.

    A woman walks in front of a building destroyed by a drone strike, in kyiv (Ukraine), October 17, 2022. (SOPA IMAGES / OLEKSII CHUMACHENKO / SIPA)

    EU member countries adopted sanctions on Thursday (October 20th) against Iran, accused of supplying drones to Russia, used in the conflict.

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