American army: training in Alaska to prepare a cold war

The situation in the North Pole could tend with the presence of several powers such as NATO, China and Russia. To train to intervene in extreme conditions, the American army trains in Alaska by – 30 ° C.
The war of the future will soon be played here, in this spectacular setting, Alaska. American soldiers, from all over the country, will have to face for two weeks of training in this hostile environment, – 31 ° C and an icy blizzard. That morning, a group of officers has a mission: to orient yourself in the mountains for several hours with the only help a compass and a rule. If soldiers know how to find their way on dangerous terrains, they have never experienced the cold weather, and the event seems more difficult than expected. “We cannot even look at the mountains to know where we are. Everything is white, so you never know precisely where we are, on what road, or for how long we walk,” said one of them.

Alaska, a priority of the American army

Because Alaska, at the gates of the North Pole, and in front of Russia, has become one of the priorities of the American army for two years. Operation code name: Reconquer of the Arctic. After 20 years that they have been fighting in the Middle East, the army now wants to train its soldiers under the conditions of the Far North. And it starts by learning to ski. For three -quarters of the officers, this is the first time they have risen on skis. After a few hours of training, soldiers are starting to master the technique, essential to evolve quickly in the face of an enemy. Once back in their base, all will have to be able to transmit what they have learned in Alaska to their unit.