Annoying weeds between the tiles? For this reason, you’d better not remove it

Weed also has its advantages

It can be quite a thorn in your side, all those weeds sprouting up between the tiles or on the patio. But even if you’re on your knees all day trying to remove the weeds, they always seem to grow in the same spot. There is actually no need to get rid of the weeds, because in fact it can be very useful!

We all assume that weeds are bad. Of course, it detracts from the beauty of the garden, but no one really wants to go through the trouble of getting rid of it. Is weeding a chore for you, too, that you are confronted with again and again? Then we have good news for you: there are many advantages to letting the weeds run wild!

water drainage

Say goodbye to endless hours of weeding! The weeds can be allowed to grow a little without resorting to any chemical solutions to stop them from growing back. This may make for a desolate picture, but the weeds promote water drainage. Often the water cannot drain properly through the garden tiles and you have probably noticed that your garden is flooded after every heavy rain. However, the weeds between the tiles suck up much of the rainwater with their roots, which allows more air to get into the soil and the water to drain better.

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