At 93, singer Hugues Aufray is making an exceptional tour of churches

At 93, singer-songwriter Hugues Aufray has not given up on the stage, quite the contrary. The artist is on tour in churches and cathedrals, as close as possible to his faithful public.

Cult songs for a particular tour. Hugues Aufray sings in churches and cathedrals. At 93, the modern-day troubadour, as he goes by his nickname, always prepares his concerts meticulously.

These exceptional places were not chosen by chance. “When you sing in front of 10, 20, 30, 4,000 people, you don’t see anyone, while there, the people I see them, they are in front of me. It’s a wonderful sharing”, confides Hugues Aufray.

refrains of youth

In Belgium, Hugues Aufray is as popular as in France. In front of a church for one of his concerts, the crowd is huge. The church is packed. A whole generation comes to rediscover its youthful refrains. “It reminds us of our childhood,” admits a fan.

These great classics are essential. It begins with a cover in tribute to his friend Bob Dylan, and then begins the standards for memories. At 93, he still savors his difference.