Has the extraordinary phenomenon of Cyclone Freddy affected Malawi?

After Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and Mozambique, it was Malawi that experienced the passage of Cyclone Freddy.


The passage has devastated Malawi. Houses collapsing, mudslides and spectacular landslides. In three days, Cyclone Freddy has ravaged the south of the country. 190 deaths and dozens of missing persons have been recorded. “You see, this area was full of houses. […] People have disappeared, houses too,” laments a man.

Gusts of wind at more than 300 km/h?

Freddy has been travelling around the planet for 36 days, setting a new record as no cyclone has ever lasted this long. The extraordinary phenomenon began its journey on February 6th between Indonesia and Australia, and has since been intensifying. Mauritius Island, Reunion Island and Madagascar were the first to suffer its effects. Wind gusts of more than 300 km/h were recorded, accompanied by torrential rains. Freddy then hit Mozambique on February 26th.