Photo Hebdo: a seamstress asleep in a fishing net, a blind football fan and a Latin dance record… A week of news in pictures

Photo hebdo returns, Friday, December 2, to a week of news in the world in a few shots. On the program, a dance record in Venezuela or a blind football fan in Qatar.

As the children begin to open the boxes of the advent calendar, they are not the only ones, since at London Zoo, a meerkat also seems interested in this tradition. The setting offered by the awakening of the highest volcano in the world of Mauna Loa, in Hawaii, offers spectacular shots thanks to the release of the lava caused by its eruption. However, be careful not to get too close.

An astonishing record in Venezuela

In Venezuela, 2,040 people broke a Latin dance record. If the task was not easy for the dancers, it was not the case either for the employees of the Guinness Book responsible for counting the number of participants. The World Cup also offers amazing shots. For Carlos, who is blind, the only way to live his passion for football is to touch the fingers of a friend who helps him understand the actions. Tents in Bangladesh make for a very colorful photograph, while a seamstress falling asleep on a fishing net in Vietnam leaves behind a mesmerizing snap.,,,,,,,,