PHOTO WEEKLY: Unhappy marriage in Afghanistan, crazy Fashion Week in Paris and frogs on a crocodile

Yesterday, on March 11th, explore some of the prominent events that took place around the world. Notable occurrences from Thailand, India, Afghanistan, and Indonesia are featured alongside highlights from Paris Fashion Week, where limitless potential is always on display.We have had a happier marriage. In Kabul, Afghanistan, a mass ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 8, the same day as Women’s Rights Day. In the country, the list of individual freedoms of which they are deprived by the Taliban power is much longer than a marriage list.

It is not a flying saucer, but the temple of a Buddhist sect. On the Thai night, thousands of monks celebrate Buddha on the March full moon.

India rocks spring

We beat the Parisian pavement a lot this week, between parades of demonstrators and fashion shows. On the sidelines of Fashion Week, surprising looks were spotted near the Louvre pyramid. With delight, India is currently rocking towards spring, brushing itself with powders and colors. A joyful festival that gives pigment to life. Finally in Indonesia, frogs have offered themselves a ride on the back of a crocodile.