Texas Governor Defies Biden’s Removal of Barbed Wire as Border Dispute Intensifies

The disagreement between the Biden administration and Texas Governor Greg Abbott over border security along the US-Mexico border is escalating.

Much more than a dispute over barbed wire

For months, the Biden administration has been in disagreement with the governor of Texas over the border security between the United States and Mexico. Now, the situation is escalating because it means much more to Biden. Barbed wire continues to be installed on the banks of the Rio Grande near the border city of Eagle Pass in Texas to deter migrants. The Republican governor of the state, Greg Abbott, said on Fox News that Texas is simply securing the border.

However, by using barbed wire, which has already harmed migrants, Abbott is defying a decision by the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court justices, with a five to four majority, ruled earlier this week that the Biden administration can have the barbed wire removed by federal border patrol agents. A victory for Biden.

But Abbott is refusing entry to federal agents into the corresponding area. He claims that Texas has the right to prevent criminals from entering the state. While border security is primarily the responsibility of the federal government, the states are also involved in its implementation.

Abbott has numerous supporters

Abbott accuses Biden of allowing migrants, and therefore criminals, into the country without control. And Abbott is getting support. 25 out of 26 Republican governors have pledged support to Abbott in a letter. Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, stated on Fox News that Abbott is doing the right thing. If he needs more barbed wire, she will send it to him from South Dakota if necessary.

The long-standing dispute between Republicans and Democrats over US immigration laws is escalating during the election campaign. It is a central issue for Donald Trump. On day one, he will close the border and stop the invasion, the former president declared again just a few days ago.

Decision also affects Ukraine aid

Trump knows how important limiting migration is to his supporters. He definitely does not want Democrats and Republicans in Congress to reach an agreement negotiated in the Senate that aims to curb illegal migration. Trump fears that Biden will claim it as his success.

Biden is now appealing to Congress once again to approve the deal, which is also linked to new Ukraine aid. The Senate’s proposals on migration are described in a statement by Biden as the “toughest and fairest border security reform package” that the US has ever had. Previously, his spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, stated that it is up to the Republicans in the House of Representatives. They have to decide if they are committed to solving the problem.

Biden emphasized that the compromise deal would give him, as president, new emergency powers to close the border when it becomes overwhelmed. Whether this will convince the Republicans in the House of Representatives to approve a deal reached in the Senate, against Trump’s will, is unlikely. And it is unlikely to impress Texas Governor Abbott either. For now, the barbed wire will remain on the banks of the Rio Grande.