Tragedy Strikes Valencia as Fire Ravages High-Rise Building, Five Dead and 14 Missing

A devastating fire engulfed a high-rise building in Valencia, Spain, claiming the lives of five individuals and leaving at least 14 people unaccounted for. The inferno, which tore through the newly constructed complex comprised of 143 apartments across multiple blocks, led to injuries among both residents and firefighters battling the blaze.

Multiple Deaths in High-Rise Fire in Valencia

A total of five people have died in the major fire in the Spanish city of Valencia. A high-rise building with over 130 apartments was completely engulfed in flames. At least 14 people are missing.

At least five people have died in the high-rise fire in Valencia. According to the fire department, at least 14 other people were injured in the fire in the country’s third-largest city, including six firefighters. At least 14 people are missing. An investigation into the cause of the devastating fire has been initiated, as indicated in a statement on the Justice Department’s website.

The high-rise complex, completed just a few years ago with multiple blocks and 143 apartments spanning up to 15 floors, was entirely engulfed in flames in a short period of time. 22 fire teams were deployed. Footage shared online showed firefighters rescuing a father and his daughter from a balcony.

Fire spread “within minutes”

The fire broke out in an apartment on one of the lower floors and rapidly spread across the facade made of flammable materials, exacerbated by strong winds, experts explained in Spanish media. A representative of the local engineering chamber told broadcaster A Punt that the fire had spread rapidly due to the facade being covered with highly flammable polyurethane. A resident told TVE that the building had burned “within minutes” as if it were “made of straw.” Fierce winds fueled the fire.

Firefighting efforts continued into the night on Friday. The four fatalities were reportedly found using drones, as the rescue teams had not yet been able to enter the building. Authorities stated that the extensively burned structure had to be further cooled from the outside first.

Prime Minister Sánchez expresses shock

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez reacted with shock to the “terrible fire.” He pledged to provide “any necessary support” to local authorities, as stated on the online service X. The case evokes memories of the tragedy at London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017, where 72 people lost their lives in the fire at the 24-story residential building. In that case as well, the fire spread via the highly flammable facade cladding. Investigations into the incident are still ongoing.