Turkey: One and a half months after the earthquake, deadly floods have struck the country?

Floods have caused 12 deaths in a refugee camp in Turkey, only one and a half months after the earthquake that killed 48,000.


On February 6th, a devastating earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. In several cities, the same scenes of chaos emerged, with buildings unable to withstand the shock. The toll was very heavy with 48,000 dead and hundreds of thousands of homeless people. Less than one and a half months after the disaster, devastation resurfaced with floods in areas already devastated by the earthquake. Torrents of mud that tear up roads and carry away everything in their path.

12 deaths in a refugee camp?

The water rose very quickly and fear overtook the inhabitants. “It rained all night, torrents of water. Our tent was flooded very quickly. It became very dangerous. I saved my children by the skin of my teeth,” recounts a victim from a refugee camp, where 12 people lost their lives. “When the water flooded the tent, we got out very quickly. Neighbors helped us,” another details.