UN Withdraws Staff from Haiti Amid Violence

The United Nations reduces non-essential personnel from Haiti and announces an “airbridge” to support the population.

UN withdraws non-essential staff from Haiti amid escalating gang violence

In light of increasing gang violence, the UN is withdrawing a significant portion of its staff from Haiti. At the same time, the United Nations announces an “airbridge” to supply the population.

UN reduces non-essential personnel in Haiti due to worsening security situation

Facing escalating gang violence in Haiti, the United Nations is reducing non-essential personnel from the Caribbean crisis-stricken country. A UN spokesman stated that based on the unstable security situation and the results of a revised security risk management process, non-essential staff will be reduced.

He emphasized that the United Nations is not leaving Haiti. Staff members engaged in life-saving work will remain in the country. Earlier this week, in response to the escalating violence in Haiti, the EU evacuated all its diplomatic staff from the Caribbean nation. The German ambassador also left the country.

Government crisis and escalating violence

Following the resignation of Interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry, Haiti is facing a government crisis. Henry took over the government shortly after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse in July 2021.

Violent, armed gangs controlling nearly the entire area of Port-au-Prince united at the end of February, demanding Henry’s resignation. They attacked police stations and freed thousands of inmates from prisons.

As the prime minister did not return from a foreign trip, he eventually resigned earlier this week. Haiti has not held elections since 2016.

UN announces “airbridge”

In addition, the UN announced a supply chain via an “airbridge” due to the increasingly dire humanitarian situation in the country. The UN office in Haiti is working to establish “an airbridge with the Dominican Republic to facilitate the transportation of relief supplies and the relocation of UN personnel,” stated the representation in the X online service.