US President Biden Calls Russian President Putin a “Crazy Bastard” in Public Event

US President Joe Biden sparked controversy by referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “crazy SOB” during a public meeting with Democratic Party donors, reigniting tensions between the two nations. The derogatory language used by Biden, known for his candid expressions, drew a swift response from the Kremlin, with allegations of damaging America’s reputation and resembling a “Hollywood cowboy.”

US President Biden Insults Putin

US President Biden has been known for using vulgar language in the past. At a campaign event, the 81-year-old now insulted Russian President Putin as a “bastard”. The Kremlin quickly responded.

US President Joe Biden insulted the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin at a public event. During a meeting with Democratic Party donors in San Francisco, Biden stated that despite the “crazy bastard Putin”, climate change remains the “existential threat to humanity”.

In English, the President used the term “crazy SOB”, abbreviated for the insult “son of a bitch”. The insult can be translated into German in various ways, such as “bastard”, “asshole”, or even “son of a bitch”. The term is quite common in the US and is considered less vulgar compared to other insults.

In the past, the US President, who tends to swear, had already referred to his Russian counterpart Putin as a “butcher” and “war criminal”.

Criticism from Moscow

The Kremlin criticized Biden’s choice of words and advised the US President to seek better counsel. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Biden’s language made him seem like a “Hollywood cowboy” and damaged America’s reputation. Putin has never expressed himself in such a rough manner.

After the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Russian custody, Biden announced “significant” sanctions against Russia.

Biden has used the term before

The Democrat, who seeks a second term in the November presidential election, had used the insult before. In January 2022, at the edge of a public appearance in Washington, when a Fox News reporter threw a question at the President, Biden audibly muttered, as his microphone was still on: “What a stupid son of a bitch.”