Will the police arrest Donald Trump in the United States next week?

On Saturday, March 18th, Donald Trump declared that he would be arrested next week. The case in question would be the payment by the former president of $130,000 to a woman withwhom he allegedly had an affair in 2016 in exchange for her silence.

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, announced via his own social network on the afternoon of Saturday, March 18th, that he would be arrested next Tuesday.From Washington, journalist Loïc de La Mornais clarifies that the case has “no relation to the events at the Capitol on January 6th [2021]”. Since 2016, New York justice has been working on a previous case. “That year was an election year, and Donald Trump allegedly paid 130 000 dollars to Stormy Daniels, a former porn actress with whom he had a sexual relationship, to buy her silence”, explains the journalist.

He called on his supporters to protest?

The American law states that such a payment in the context of an election is a crime. Two options are now possible: either Donald Trump is summoned next week and he will go himself, or the police will have to go and arrest him, perhaps at his home in Florida. The interested party has already called on his supporters to demonstrate.