Alsace: Japanese pastry is popular

In her pastry shop in Strasbourg, Charlotte Caspar creates and sells her wagashi. Japanese cakes with exotic flavors and textures have found their audience.

Presented as precious jewels, wagashi, Japanese cakes, catch your eyes and awaken your Western palates. “What is pleasant above all is that it is not very sweet, it reminds a little of the texture of a pancake, without being one”, says a follower. Everything is made in a laboratory in the hands of Charlotte Caspar, addicted to manga and these Japanese sweets since she was 18 years old.

Ancestral know-how learned in Japan

“When we are in France, we start with everything that is butter, cream, wheat flour, eggs. Whereas in Japan, we are much more on rice flour”, explains the pastry chef. After spending ten years in the land of the rising sun, the 30-year-old learned everything about techniques and ancestral know-how in the best school in Tokyo (Japan). On the store side, Sylvie Taroux, her partner, tells this culinary art to both novices and insiders.