Automotive: how to avoid scams on used vehicles?

Present on the 19/20 set, Monday October 24, journalist Luc Bazizin gives advice on how to avoid pitfalls when buying a used vehicle.

How not to be fooled when buying a used vehicle? “The first thing is not to be satisfied with a photo on the Internet, but to see the car with your own eyes. First, to make sure that the technical control is valid and that it does not lift no anomalies”, advises the journalist Luc Bazizin, present on the set of 19/20, Monday, October 24. Inspecting the body may also indicate knocks. “Do not hesitate to look under the car: oil stains can indicate poor engine adjustment, or even worse,” he continues.

Prefer a dealer or a site that gives you a guarantee

As far as the engine is concerned, the slightest suspicious noise should arouse your suspicion. It is also preferable to test the car on the road in order to test its behavior and emergency braking. To have the best chance on your side, “go through a dealer or a site that guarantees you up to two years on your used vehicle parts and labor. In this case, the car has been combed through” , concludes Luc Bazizin.