China: the population revolts against the zero-covid policy

Scenes of revolts take place in China, as in the city of Canton. Chinese people demonstrate against the zero-covid policy and the successive confinements imposed by the government.

Barriers falling and an angry population, in the Chinese city of Canton, scenes of revolts took place. Exasperated, the Chinese demonstrate against the zero-covid policy demanded by the authorities. The city of Guangzhou, with a population of 18 million, has suffered several confinements after an upsurge in Covid cases. The authorities then decided to block off certain parts of the city and confine people to their homes.

23,000 new cases in China in one day

The Covid epidemic continues in China and the country recorded 23,000 new positive cases on Friday November 18. Many cities must adhere to the zero-covid policy. In the capital, Beijing, for example, residents are tested daily. If one of the people turns out to be a positive case, the residence where they live is then completely confined. Positive cases are then taken to a hotel or to quarantine camps set up by the authorities.,,,,,,,,