China: the protest of the population in the face of the zero Covid policy

The severity of the Chinese authorities in terms of policy against Covid-19 seems to be increasingly criticized in the country. The challenge is now displayed in public toilets. Explanations with journalist Lou Kisiela, local correspondent, Thursday 27 October.

Faced with the policy pursued by the Chinese authorities against Covid-19, the population is becoming less and less docile. “Soon three years of zero Covid policy, and we are seeing more and more signs of anger in China”, explains journalist Lou Kisiela, correspondent on site, Thursday, October 27. “Two weeks ago, a man unfurled a banner on a bridge in the middle of Beijing, calling for the removal of Xi Jinping and criticizing the zero Covid policy,” she explains.

“Rare and courageous acts of protest”

“The protester was arrested, and the images censored. But the message still got through, since the very words are repeated on graffiti in public toilets, the only place without surveillance cameras in China”, continues Lou Kisiela. These words are also “printed on tiny labels stuck in the metro or on self-service bicycles”, indicates the journalist. Last weekend, in Shanghai (China), a group of young women also marched holding a banner. “In China, these are rare and courageous acts of protest, since they can lead directly to prison,” she concludes.