Couple makes shocking discovery at vacation home. Luckily, they noticed right away!


You really don’t want to find something like that in the holiday apartment

It sounds like a nightmare: you’re having fun on vacation and then you come across nothing but a hidden camera in the rented apartment! That’s exactly what happened to Scottish Dougie Hamilton and his girlfriend. They had rented a vacation rental in Toronto, Canada via Airbnb and everything seemed fine. But then a strange wire aroused Dougie’s suspicions. Shortly thereafter, he made the shocking discovery.

Luckily they noticed it right away.

Alarm clock
But what made him suspect such a thing? At first they thought it was odd that the alarm clock was on the coffee table in the living room. They were just relaxing on the couch after exploring the city all day. That’s when Dougie noticed the alarm clock and got a weird feeling, he tells the Daily Record.

Next, he noticed what looked like a cell phone charger cable that went into the alarm clock. He found that really suspicious because he knew alarm clocks didn’t use cables like that. Exactly a week before his trip, Dougie had seen a video about hidden spy cameras on Facebook, and somehow it came back to him. At first, Dougie dismissed his concerns, thinking it was just being paranoid. Nevertheless, something forced him to open the alarm clock.

When Dougie pushed the alarm clock screen aside, he saw it immediately: a small camera lens was staring back at him. The worst part was that the alarm clock was aimed squarely at the bed. Someone had hoped for very personal recordings. Dougie immediately called the police.

The couple naturally filed a complaint with Airbnb, who took the incident very seriously. Their expenses were fully reimbursed and they were provided with a luxury hotel free of charge. The owner of the apartment also offers other accommodations that have now lost all reservations. In fact, the owner had over 100 reviews on his Airbnb profile. None of them could have known that they were being filmed by a hidden camera.


Dougie now wants to warn others about hidden cameras. Despite the incident, he says he will continue to use Airbnb. But he has learned that you always have to check the apartment first. At the bottom of Dougie’s post are the image


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