Covid-19: health restrictions are relaxed in China

After the protests, Chinese authorities abandoned zero Covid measures in the country. For example, confinements will be limited to a maximum of five days.

In China, barriers and QR codes to be scanned in stations were removed on Wednesday, December 7. Health authorities have ended the toughest restrictions. “Apart from nursing homes, hospitals or schools, it will no longer be necessary to present a negative PCR test result or a health code,” said Mi Feng, spokesperson for the National Health Commission.

A less effective Chinese vaccine

With the new measures, there will be no more mass PCR tests, a possibility of being in quarantine at home, confinements of up to five days and purchases of fever and cough medicines are allowed. China is loosening the grip of zero Covid, which is a relief to some. “You feel freer,” says one woman. At the same time, a man worries about a rise in the number of cases for hospitals. In China, 40% of people over 80 have received three doses of the vaccine. In addition, the Chinese vaccine guarantees less immunity.,,,,,,,,