Covid-19: several thousand people stuck at Disneyland Shanghai, due to emergency confinement

Disneyland Shanghai closed its doors on Monday, December 31 following the detection in this city of cases of Covid-19. Visitors present at the time of the decision found themselves prisoners of the amusement park.

Mickey’s kingdom turned into a mousetrap on Monday, December 31. Without warning, the thousands of tourists visiting Disneyland Shanghai saw the gates of the amusement park closing behind them, without warning, due to Covid-19 cases detected in the Chinese city.

The park closed its doors by decision of the Chinese authorities, customers could not leave it before a negative test for Covid-19. All those who visited the park since Thursday also had to test negative for Covid three times, over three successive days and “avoid any participation in collective activities”, the authorities stressed.

Zero Covid policy continues in China


Disney had previously announced that the park would be “temporarily closed with immediate effect in accordance with epidemic control measures,” adding, “We will let you know as soon as we have a reopening date.” The park covers a total of 390 hectares including both Disneyland Shanghai, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park.

As of Monday, 2,699 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in China, including ten asymptomatic cases in Shanghai, according to the National Health Commission. China is the last major economy to apply a zero Covid policy, which translates into confinements as soon as positive cases appear, almost compulsory PCR tests several times a week or even the placement in quarantine of people from risk areas. .,,,,,,,,