Denmark: the country wants to create wind farms on artificial islands

Denmark is the European wind power champion. The country is preparing to build the largest park at sea on artificial islands. The project will provide electricity to millions of Europeans.

A few kilometers from the Danish coast is a wind farm that is 1.5 times the size of Paris. 172 machines bring the whole region to life. Thanks to this farm and many others, Denmark is the European champion in wind power. Already 50% of its electricity is produced by the wind, compared to only 7% in France. In addition, Denmark exports part of this green gold.

Artificial islands to supply energy to millions of Europeans

“The farm is connected to Denmark and also to Germany,” explains Waterfall communications manager Mads Keogh. The country has decided to move up a gear and embarked on a revolutionary project: to create artificial islands to provide energy to millions of Europeans. The idea is first to build, far from the coast and out of sight of local residents, gigantic parks of several hundred wind turbines. These islands would make it possible to respond to the major drawback of wind power: it is an alternative energy, and its production varies according to the wind, sometimes too weak, or too strong; it is therefore necessary to be able to store the energy. To meet this challenge, Denmark will invest 30 billion euros.