Energy crisis: lowering American gas prices, an ineffective strategy?

The price of gas is one of the topics that Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden will discuss on Thursday, December 1.

Emmanuel Macron will discuss the price of gas with Joe Biden. American consumers spend 7 dollars for a unit of gas, and Europeans 37 dollars, more than five times more expensive. The United States, which produces a lot of gas, transports it through pipelines to its population. For Europeans, extraction and production costs about 6 dollars per unit. Arrived on the coast, it must be liquefied to transport it, and the bill rises to 10 dollars.

Bad strategy?

After maritime transport and re-gasification in French or European ports, the cost rises to 13.5 dollars. It does, however, retail for $37 to consumers, a significant difference. The margin goes into the pockets of European manufacturers, who explain that the market price makes it possible to compensate for the losses linked to the pandemic. “[Emmanuel Macron] is more likely to find a solution to the problem by going to La Defense, discussing with the oil, gas and energy companies that have these contracts,” said Thierry Bros, professor at Sciences Po Paris, specialist in energy.,,,,,,,,