How to reduce the amount of caffeine in the body: useful tips

Excessive consumption of beverages such as coffee, cola and all types of energy drinks, as well as abuse of chocolate, can cause unwanted effects, in other words, you risk an overdose of caffeine. And then a completely reasonable question will arise: how to reduce the amount of caffeine in the body? There are several ways to remove caffeine from the body without harming health.

Symptoms of caffeine poisoning

Caffeine overdose can be identified by the following symptoms:

tremors of the limbs,
increase in body temperature,
high blood pressure,
change in face color,
a state of anxiety and panic.

What to do if you overdose on caffeine?

There are some proven ways to improve your condition at home after a caffeine overdose.

Of course, you should not self-medicate, and if it is very bad, the best way is to consult a doctor. If the ailment is mild, the following methods may help:

Water or milk

What removes coffee from the body? The answer is simple – water or milk. It is necessary to drink one or two glasses, they will help to cope with dehydration and will also neutralize the caffeine.


Experts recommend eating bananas after an overdose of caffeine. They contain a lot of potassium, which is very useful for the work of the heart in such conditions.

Rest or sleep

It is worth trying to lie down and rest. It will be enough to just lie down for a while, preferably with your eyes closed.

Room ventilation

If you have the desire and strength, you can go outside for a walk. But when the conditions do not allow it, it would be good to open the windows of the room for 10-15 minutes.
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