India: girls and boys now wear the same uniform in some schools

In India, a big step for parity has been taken. Schoolgirls now have the right to wear the same outfit as schoolboys in a dozen establishments in the south of the country.

In India, if gender equality is not respected, a big step has been taken in a dozen schools in the south of the country. Indeed, girls and boys now wear the same outfit. They are all wearing pants. “Before, I had a skirt and a shirt, now I have these three-quarter length pants. With this new outfit, I can play and run. I love to be dressed like boys”, explains a young schoolgirl.

A request from parents

The first school to implement this uniform accepted a request from parents. “Our main goal was to bring a sense of equality to our children,” said Usha Kolalkal, the school’s principal. In addition to being more free in their movement, wearing a uniform also allows girls to have greater self-confidence. However, one boy, well aware of how far we still have to go in terms of equality, tempers: “I don’t think the new uniform will solve all the problems”.,,,,,,,,