Is Biden Losing the Support of Black Voters?

The support of black voters played a crucial role in Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina during the 2020 Democratic primaries.

Does Biden Lose the Support of Black Voters?

The official Democratic primaries start in South Carolina. In 2020, Biden came in first place in the state, thanks to the votes of the black population. But their support for the US President is dwindling.

Until Election Day, the Democratic campaign bus travels across South Carolina. “People, go vote” – that’s also the message here in Kingstree, in the parking lot of a coffee shop. In the small town of Kingstree, located in Williamsburg County, nearly two-thirds of the population is black. The goal is to mobilize them.

Adrielle has also come and says Joe Biden can count on the black community. African Americans have not always had the right to vote – and they don’t take it lightly. However, the polls show that many black voters may not switch to the Republican camp but could stay at home. It’s an alarming signal for the Democrats.

Many are still undecided

On the campus of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, a historically black college, Ken mentions that many of his friends will not vote. Many feel like they can’t change anything.

Nyla and Camille will also not vote in the primaries. The two 20-year-old students don’t yet know if they want to support Biden or former President Donald Trump in the presidential election. They want to wait and see how things develop – and then decide whether they will vote in the November presidential election and, if so, for whom.

The two young women stand in front of an auditorium at the university. Inside, Kamala Harris is speaking. The Vice President has come to specifically address young people on the day before the first Democratic primary in South Carolina. “Make sure your voice is heard,” Harris says into the microphone amid applause. Many of the students later say they were excited about Harris’ speech. It was great to see her live.

Harris is important to Biden

Harris is not universally beloved – on the contrary. In polls, she is even more unpopular than Biden, who has approval ratings below 40 percent. But Harris is important for Biden, especially with regard to the black population. Rickey Dennis, who works for a non-profit organization advocating for social justice in the city of Charleston, emphasizes this. He says Harris is incredibly important to the black community. Because Harris is a strong symbol of what is possible.

In the Democratic primary in South Carolina, the winner is already set: Biden. However, a good result and high voter turnout would be important for Biden and Harris given their poor polling numbers.

South Carolina was once a turning point for Biden. After disappointing primaries, he came in first place in South Carolina in 2020 – largely thanks to the votes of the black population. This is also why this time the first Democratic primary is taking place in South Carolina.