Italy: Emmanuel Macron’s first meeting with Giorgia Meloni

The President of the Republic is traveling to Rome, Sunday October 23, for a conference on peace, before meeting Pope Francis. Live on site, we find Anne Bourse.

The agenda of the President of the Republic is full for this visit to Italy, Sunday, October 23. But will Emmanuel Macron add a first meeting with the new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni?“The confirmation fell a few moments ago. Emmanuel Macron and Giorgia Meloni are meeting at this very moment, the interview began a quarter of an hour ago”, reports Anne Bourse, special correspondent in Rome (Italy). “But since this morning, we have had the impression of a game of cat and mouse. The Italian press announced this meeting, the Elysée did not confirm. We felt a certain uneasiness all day. elsewhere, we do not know the exact place of the meeting”, specifies the journalist.

“The divisions are great, especially on the European question”

“No one here imagined that Emmanuel Macron would not see Giorgia Meloni. This trip by the French president has been planned for weeks. Chance of the calendar, it is this weekend that the new Italian Prime Minister takes office. But neither Neither of them seemed in a hurry to see each other. The divisions are great, especially on the European question. But beyond these differences, France and Italy have common interests. The two heads of state will have to work together”, explains Anne Bourse, from Rome.