Italy: rents at 1 euro per month in Sardinia to renew the population

Sardinia is struggling to keep its inhabitants. Thus, the village of Ollolai has lost half of its population in 50 years. To put an end to it, the town hall offers houses for rent 1 euro, provided you stay all year round.

Nuoro, in Sardinia, is one of the regions of Italy that has lost the most inhabitants in recent years. The village of Ollolai (Italy) has not escaped this, with less than 50% of inhabitants in 50 years. In the streets, there are only old people and everywhere in the center, houses are abandoned. Jean-Luc Ledouarin, a 51-year-old Frenchman, who dreams of settling here. “It’s a mountain village steeped in tradition. To discover”, he explains.

Applications from all over the world

He submitted his candidacy to the town hall, which embarked on an operation of seduction. It offers houses for rent at 1 euro per month, provided you live there all year round. That morning, the Frenchman has an appointment with the mayor and his deputy to show his motivation. His partner is a painter and he is a wealth manager, so he can work remotely. Since the launch of the operation, applications have been pouring in from all over the world: from France, Germany, and even Brazil. Like about twenty other towns in Sardinia, Ollolai is threatened with extinction.