War in Ukraine: learning to live without electricity on a daily basis

With temperatures below 0°C, millions of people live without electricity in Ukraine. Most of the inhabitants, however, continue to live in the dark.

A sales consultant with a flashlight. In this Ukrainian store, which has no electricity, we make do with the means at hand. “We help ourselves with these little lights. When the payment terminal doesn’t work, we make transfers, and we write the receipts by hand,” explains an employee.

“We have found our own recipe for happiness”

In Lviv (Ukraine), on Saturday December 3, it was just 0°C and the electricity was cut for several hours a day. After numerous Russian bombardments, the Ukrainian energy system threatens to collapse at any moment. A few rare businesses have a generator, others are organized differently. A city bar has embraced the old-fashioned way of life. “Here, with these cuts, we have found our own recipe for happiness. The people around the candles are much nicer,” says a man.

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