“Zero Covid” policy in China: the regime sends signs of relaxation

A week after historic protests in China against the regime’s “zero Covid” policy, several signs of easing of restrictions are visible in the country.

Barricades dismantled, shopping centers and restaurants reopening, and no one in front of screening centers. Since Wednesday, November 30, the Chinese government has been sending signs of easing its “zero Covid” policy. A decision that follows the historic demonstrations of the last weekend across the country. Faced with the anger of his people, Chinese President Xi Jinping made measured remarks to the President of the European Council. “The less lethal Omicron variant of the virus allows more flexibility in restrictions,” he said on Thursday, December 1.

Hospitals continue to be built

A relief hailed by the World Health Organization (WHO). At the same time, restrictions in cities considered at risk by the Chinese government are maintained. In Shanghai, everyone in a building can be taken to quarantine camps for a single positive case. Other cities decide to establish confinements, and hospitals continue to be built, all over the country.

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