With this amazing trick you get long and full lashes!

Just know how.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with full hair and long eyelashes. A few tricks can work wonders. With this great trick you can get long and full eyelashes without having to buy artificial attachments.

You will need a mascara, an eyebrow brush and a cotton ball.
mascara trick

Beauty blogger Huda Kattan explains in detail how it works on her YouTube channel Huda Beauty. She uses an eyebrow brush, some cotton wool and a mascara to create an impressive amazing and full eyelash look. First, she hydrates her lashes, so dampen them with some water (you can skip this step if you don’t). Then she applies a layer of mascara and carefully runs the eyebrow brush through the cotton so that small pieces of cotton cling to the brush. Then she applies these pieces of cotton to her eyelashes with a brush and goes over them again with the mascara. Because some cotton wool sticks to the eyelashes, they appear stronger. And you already have long and full eyelashes!

To remove makeup. That may sound logical, but how often do you tend to just leave the make-up on. However, it is important to remove make-up so that the eyelashes do not break off! For example, use extra eye makeup remover or jojoba oil (or similar quality oils).

Old vs New Mascara. Remember to change out your mascara regularly. You should do this every 6-12 months. Unfortunately, it is really the case that bacteria are also romping around here…

proper care. Make sure that you care for your eyelashes regularly with high-quality oil. This keeps your eyelashes strong, vital and looks more beautiful. The oil moisturizes the fine hairs.


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