World: eruption of a volcano in Hawaii, deconfinement in China, protest in Iran… News from the past 24 hours

The 20 Hours of Friday, December 2 goes around the world news in pictures. In summary, the protest that does not weaken in Iran and the awakening of a volcano in Hawaii.

China is finally releasing some pressure on its zero covid policy. Some cities are deconfining step by step. In Canton (China), the barriers that blocked the buildings are dismantled. It is now possible to take the metro or go to a restaurant, but always with a health pass.

The finding continues in Iran

In Hawaii (USA), jets of fire over 60 meters high seem unstoppable. The lava is flowing and approaching the highway which is in danger of being cut off. “I use this route to visit my family on the other side of the island, especially during holidays. There, if I have to take another route, it will take me seven more hours,” fears a woman. In Iran, despite the repression, the slogans are getting louder every day. On Friday, December 2, protesters chanted, “We will fight, we will die, but we will get Iran back.”,,,,,,,,