As Christmas approaches, the upsurge in Covid-19 cases also worries Brazil and Spain

Every day, the correspondents’ club describes how the same current event is illustrated in two countries.

Covid-19 contaminations are on the rise again in France and around the world. Three days before Christmas, the epidemic situation is worrying. In Brazil, for example, despite the good weather in a large part of this huge country, the number of deaths is increasing. After having stagnated in recent months around 80 daily victims, the virus has carried on average for two weeks, 148 patients per day.

President Lula wants to break with the Covid policy led by his predecessor

Jair Bolsonaro is technically in power until the end of the year. The former far-right head of state made himself known for his catastrophic management of the pandemic, and it was not at the end of his term that he was going to be more cautious. The measures taken are mainly summed up by the return of the mandatory mask on planes and airports. President Lula, re-elected on October 30, wants to avoid the mistakes and errors of his predecessor. But 10 days before the investiture ceremony, the teams of his future government denounce a lack of data available to anticipate the measures to be taken.

In Spain, the Covid fades, but the government remains cautious

The Spanish Ministry of Health maintains the obligation to wear a mask in health establishments and public transport. A measure assumed by the minister, Carolina Darias, despite criticism: “We have always made decisions following the advice of experts. We will continue to do so.” About 86% of the population has a complete vaccination schedule, but with the improvement of the health situation, the rate of vaccination is slowing down considerably. In addition, earlier this week, the online newspaper The Objective reports that since the start of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in December 2020, Spain has accumulated 14 million doses, now expired, and which should therefore be destroyed, i.e. more than 200 million euros which go to waste.,,,,,,,,