China: scenes of revolt against confinement deemed excessive

Daily tests, positive cases, strict containment. The zero-Covid policy applied in China is infuriating part of the population. As a result, rare scenes of revolt.

At night now, the police patrol in numbers to avoid overflows. Because in Guangzhou (China), the crowd is angry and defies the authorities. Some bring down the barriers that block the entrances to the buildings, others throw everything that comes to hand in the direction of the men in white. These are rare images, censored in China, of protest against the zero-Covid policy and against hard confinements, repeatedly.

Daily PCR tests

In Canton, some nights are insurrectionary. Since last month, and an outbreak of Covid-19 cases, several parts of the city have been in lockdown. In a popular district of two million inhabitants, people are cloistered at home. And beware of those who venture outside their apartment, without a mask. More than 25,000 new positive cases were officially declared on Friday, November 18. Guangzhou is not the only city subject to the restrictions. In Beijing, PCR tests are daily for everyone. As soon as a positive case is discovered, the authorities confine an entire residence and embark the patient, even asymptomatic. At best for a hotel, at worst for a quarantine camp, with spartan and cold living conditions, in a city in western China.,,,,,,,,