China: the country continues its zero Covid policy

The fight against Covid-19 continues in China, and the country has no intention of relaxing its zero Covid policy. In Shanghai, an amusement park has been placed under a bell. Visitors were tested before being able to confine themselves to their homes, as journalist Arnauld Miguet explained from the Chinese city on Tuesday, November 1.

In China, the fight against Covid-19 continues, and mass confinements are still relevant. The country has no intention of relaxing its zero Covid policy, as evidenced by the fact that an amusement park in Shanghai (China) has been placed under a bell. “Imagine: you are strolling through the wonderful world of Disney, and all of a sudden, the doors of the amusement park close. In an emergency, the activities are stopped, and you find yourself stuck with thousands people, families, following the report of a case of Covid-19”, explains journalist Arnauld Miguet from Shanghai, Tuesday, November 1.

230 million people confined in China

“That’s what happened [Monday October 31] at Disneyland Shanghai. Everyone had to be tested before they could go home and be in quarantine for two days. Last November, 30,000 people had been stuck at Disneyland Shanghai already, for the same reasons. In China, confinements, quarantines continue, zero Covid policy obliges. There are no official figures, but it is estimated that 230 million people are in confinement in the country right now”