Is it dangerous to sleep near a mobile phone?

Many people keep their phone by their head, bed or somewhere nearby all night. Is it safe? Scientists have analyzed the research of recent years and published the results. About it in this article.

Sleeping near a mobile phone

The arguments of the defenders of mobile technology – the technology involves the use of electromagnetic waves in the non-ionizing frequency spectrum – up to 2.7 GHz. These waves cannot damage DNA or mutate cells. And even the heating of the skin from the absorption of radio frequency radiation is not high enough to significantly increase a person’s internal temperature and cause damage.

Many doctors and scientists around the world believe that mobile technology is harmful to health. Even the WHO considers frequent use of mobile phones to be “possibly carcinogenic to humans” (link to recommendations ). And during the conversation, he recommends keeping the phone away from the head and neck, using wired headphones, and at night setting the “airplane” mode or placing the phone away from the pillow (at least 1 meter from the head).

Research has been going on for several years and there are still no unequivocal data. Thus, on November 21, a ten-year study by the US Department of Health on the health effects of smartphones was completed. The results were rather disappointing – there was “slight” evidence of an increased risk of brain tumors, according to the researchers. However, the data are too ambiguous and more detailed studies are needed. According to a ministry official, the potential risk is higher if you use your phone for long periods of time or keep it close to your body, such as leaving it under your pillow overnight or holding your phone on your chest day and night.

A number of researchers claim that wireless technology has increased the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Statistics show that such diseases have increased in recent years, but their connection with mobile phones has not been proven. It is impossible to rule out other risk factors: increased life expectancy, nutrition, ecology, lifestyle.


At the same time, the main conclusion of many studies in recent years is that there is a potential health risk, but it has not yet been proven. And today, the International Agency for Research on Cancer places electromagnetic radiation in the same danger category as coffee and pickles. Much more dangerous factors include smoking, ultraviolet light and car exhaust.

However, most experts agree that you shouldn’t leave your charging phone next to your bed. And before going to sleep, it is worth reducing the use of mobile phones and computers – the blue light of the screens negatively affects biological rhythms, can cause insomnia, reduced work capacity, hormonal disorders and other disorders.
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