Italy: Giorgia Meloni shows pledges to the international community

Giorgia Meloni, new Prime Minister, addressed Italian MPs on Tuesday 25 October during her general policy speech. A speech in which she showed pledges to the international community, as explained by journalist Raphaële Schapira, live from Rome.

The new Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, addressed MEPs during her general policy speech on Tuesday 25 October. “The far-right leader has shown pledges to the international community. First to NATO, by reaffirming her clear and total support for Ukraine. Then to Europe, with its Ministers of Economy and of Foreign Affairs who are rather pro-European”, explains journalist Raphaële Schapira, live from Rome (Italy).

An appeasement with Europe

“Giorgia Meloni said it: ‘Italy will play by the rules.’ It must be said that the European Union is providing an aid plan of 200 billion euros to Italy, which Giorgia Meloni will not be able to do without, “continues the journalist.