Italy: Puglia region sets out to conquer aloe vera

In southern Italy, aloe vera is grown, a drought-resistant plant containing a gel widely used in cosmetics. Cultivation, easy and profitable, has created many jobs in the Puglia region.

Aloe vera could well be the future of Puglia (Italy). Inside its leaves, the plant has a treasure: a gel with a thousand virtues that is sold all over the world. In a farm in southern Italy, dozens of employees take care of each of the 12,000 plants, and watch over them from harvest to processing. The gel is extracted sheet by sheet. “We start by cutting the base of the leaf, then the tip to release the gel”, explains Stefano Giannuzzi, director of the laboratory.

The largest employer in the region

The gel is then used as a base for many cosmetic products. The company has continued to grow and sells its products in 60 countries, one of the largest employers in the sector. “We will soon be moving to a bigger factory. It will be 6,000 m2, so we will still be hiring,” said Domenico Scordari, founder of Nature is better. A hope for the region of Puglia, ravaged by a bacterium which destroys its olive trees.,,,,,,,,