Rio-Paris crash trial: the release of Airbus and Air France requested, families angry

The families of the 228 victims of the Rio-Paris crash are angry. After eight weeks of trial, the prosecution asked the court to release Airbus and Air France.

The anger, Wednesday, December 7, of the families of victims of the Rio-Paris crash. “It’s a shame for families,” says Daniele Levy, president of the association Mutual Aid and Solidarity AF447. After nearly six hours of requisition, the two prosecutors asked for the release of the manufacturer Airbus and the company Air France, under the boos of relatives of the 228 missing. In this disaster, neither failure nor negligence, according to the prosecution.

Airbus and Air France risk fines of 225,000 euros

The prosecution swept aside the accusations weighing on the two companies, such as the non-replacement of the Pitot probes, intended to assess the speed, which had frozen. As for the training provided by Air France, it is considered sufficient. The reaction of the two pilots who died in the tragedy is therefore pointed out by the prosecutors. It will be up to the court to decide. The two companies risk a fine of 225,000 euros for manslaughter, after the worst disaster in the history of Air France.,,,,,,,,