World Cup 2022: France-Tunisia, a historic match

For the first time in their history, France and Tunisia will face each other in a football World Cup match on Wednesday, November 30, in Qatar.

On the eve of the France-Tunisia match, which will take place on Wednesday, November 30, it is the Tunisians who are setting the mood in Doha, Qatar. The meeting is unprecedented in the Football World Cup. “It’s a small derby compared to the history of the two countries, there are a lot of Tunisian immigrants in France, we know each other well,” says a supporter. Nearly 75,000 Tunisians currently live in France.

Ten Tunisian internationals born in France

Some fans have therefore been waiting for this match for several months. Their hearts are sometimes divided. “I will wear the Tunisian T-shirt and I will have the French flag on my back,” said a woman. “The France-Tunisia match will also be special on the pitch, because of the 26 players selected by the Tunisian coach, 10 internationals were born in France,” said journalist Madjid Khiat, special correspondent in Doha.,,,,,,,,