Christmas and the holidays: In the aisles of the oldest Christmas market in the world, in Dresden

A few days before the end of the year celebrations, the 13 Heures continues to make you discover the places where the Christmas spirit is particularly present. Wednesday, December 14, heading to the oldest Christmas market in the world, in Dresden, Germany.

Night falls on Dresden (Germany), on the oldest Christmas market in the world. For 588 years, it is always the youngest who marvel. The show is everywhere, in the stands, in the rides and on stage. Lucas, 2 years old, does not want to lose a beat. Her dad is French, and her mom is German. Originally from Dresden, she already knows all the specialties perfectly.

More than 400 stalls

For the past two years, the Christmas market had been canceled due to Covid-19. Between discoveries and surprises, there is also something in Dresden for adults. Know for example that the most popular mulled wine is not red, but white. When it was created in the 15th century, the Dresden Christmas market lasted only one day. Today, throughout the Advent period, it has more than 400 stalls, mostly run by passionate craftsmen.,,,,,,,,