Hunting day: “Let’s keep Saturday morning for hunting and leave the rest for walkers”, suggests environmental senator Daniel Salmon

A plan to better secure the practice of hunting will be announced Tuesday by the government.

Hunting (illustration). (MARION BOTHOREL / RADIO FRANCE)

While the government is preparing to announce ways to better secure the practice of hunting, the environmental senator of Ille-et-Vilaine Daniel Salmon proposes Tuesday October 26 on today news post “to keep Saturday morning for hunting and let the remains for walkers”. He also claims that there are “alcohol controls for hunters as well as for motorists”.

For the environmental senator, “the Sunday without hunting is fundamental”. He still proposes to keep a half-day of hunting on the weekend because “all hunters are not retired”. For him, it is possible to make regulation during the week “so let’s keep Saturday morning for hunting and leave the rest for walkers”, the goal being to reach a compromise to allow everyone to use the green spaces. For Daniel Salmon, Willy Schraen, the president of the National Federation of Hunters, “did not fully understand the expectations of society”.

“The French expect to have peaceful moments, moments when the perceived security is in good shape and these are moments when there are no hunters”.

Regarding controls of the blood alcohol level, the senator proposes, as for traffic offences, regulation by the police, by “sworn officers”. The problem is the lack of staff of those who could carry out these checks: “Today, the agents of the French Office for Biodiversity are few in number and the gendarmerie has many other missions. For a long time, we are calling for the state to give itself the means to carry out checks”.

The generalization of the practice of the rule of 30 degrees of safety for the driven shots is part of the tracks retained by the government. For that, it is necessary to do pedagogy according to Daniel Salmon, “we realize that there are rather virtuous practices in certain federations and which are not applied at the national level.”,,,,,,,,