The ocean road in Australia is a mythical way to discover the wild nature

On Tuesday, January 17, the 13 Hours set sail for Australia to explore the ocean route. It runs through several must-see locations in the country, making for an unforgettable journey.

The 243-kilometer-long Great Ocean Road in Australia borders the South Pacific. Cold winds from Antarctica shaped this coast of cliffs and rocky peaks. The adventure begins in Melbourne (Australia). The road runs alongside legendary surf beaches. Several women with working holiday visas have decided to travel together along this important route.

A final in apotheosis

“We’re half work, half vacation,” one of them explained. During their journey, they discover eucalyptus forests, populated by koalas. The girls arrive at the end of the Great Ocean Road, at the 12 Apostles, after driving for more than 200 kilometers. Only eight of the 12 limestone rocks here have been sculpted by erosion. “It’s absolutely beautiful,” one of them exclaims. “It is, after all, the pinnacle of this entire road trip,” says another.